I have known Mr. Malling professionally, having consulted with him occasionally on cases. He and I have given several joint CLE presentations on trial practice matters. Karl is in the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association’s Eagle Group, as am I, and I am familiar with Karl’s skills and reputation as a plaintiff’s injury lawyer. Karl is a highly experienced and skilled personal injury trial lawyer and is a dedicated advocate for his clients. His perseverance in this case exemplifies this point.

Michael R. Caryl, PS

I am familiar with Karl Malling through the teaching of trial practice skills that we both do throughout the country. Karl is an excellent attorney with substantial trial experience. Karl is willing to take over personal injury cases that other attorneys have been arbitrated, where the insurer has appealed, and which are headed for trial. Few attorneys with significant trial experience are willing to regularly take such cases to trial. Karl does. 

Robert K. Dawson
Dawson Brown, PS

Karl Malling is passionate in the representation of his clients. He takes on difficult cases that other lawyers would ignore or reject. One category of cases that he is willing to undertake, and that many lawyers are not, is mandatory arbitration appeals. These cases present significant risks because of the time involved to to properly present a case where the damages are significantly limited.

C. Steven Fury
Fury Bailey, PS

This man and his team are my angels. They took on a case that was a little twisted and made it right. It was very complicated and they were there to answer all my questions and to unravel the mess for me.
— Medical malpractice client
I chose Karl to represent me in a personal injury case because he has a stellar reputation. He advised me well, represented me skillfully, and we won a settlement.
— Jean
I found him to be honest, lighthearted and yet extremely dogged on my behalf.
— Valerie